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I was born in New York on a cold winter’s morning to Robert W. and Alice J. Spanarkel. I studied philosophy and English at the City University of New York, where I developed a fine interest in sarcasm, irony, and the Oxford comma. In 1997 I decided to head out to the prairies of the Midwest and settled in Wichita, Kansas, where I pursued a career in sales. In 2003, on a beautiful April day, I married my husband, Todd Harrington.


In 2017, I found Twitter and began writing from the prompt, VSS#365 (Very Short Story), in which I composed stories that fit into a tweet. Since then, I have had numerous short stories published in various anthologies. My debut novel, The Eyes Of A Killer, was published in 2022, as was my second novel, Wolff's Haven.


In my spare time, I enjoy riding my Missouri Foxtrotting horse, Sadie, and chasing my Labrador Retriever, Smarty Marty.


Currently, I am working on my third novel, as yet untitled. It's about a small town with an awful secret.

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