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Wolff's Haven

When Emily Wolff and her family inherit their ancestral farm, they want nothing more than a simple life in the quiet town of Wolffs Haven. But all is not as it seems, and soon the farm’s supernatural occupants threaten to use the Wolffs in their centuries-long battle of good versus evil. Emily may be the key to stopping this war and finally putting down an evil that should have died long ago.

This gripping tale will have you wondering just how much you know about your ancestors.

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$16.99 each

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Includes FREE copy of By the Gods!

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By The Gods
A Novelette

Cody and his girlfriend, Laura Weber, are in town for the Weber family reunion. But Laura and her family have an evil and dark plan for Cody. He will need every ounce of mental and physical strength to out-maneuver her and her entire family to survive a bizarre night of terror.

Autographed Copies -
$4.99 each

*Plus $4.31 shipping
(Shipping rate applies to US residents only)

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Autographed Copies - $14.99 each
*Plus $4.31 shipping
(Shipping rate applies to US residents only)

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The Eyes of a Killer

Janie Fletcher’s ordinary life is about to get complicated. Five lost souls need her help to find peace and vengeance for their untimely death. Her only impediments are her self-doubt, fear of insanity, and bipolar disorder.

If she can overcome those obstacles, she just might be able to stop a psychopathic killer poised to commit his next murder.

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